TIFF UNG: Dicks: The Musical

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A very funny film with a slightly weird sense of humor. Perfect for pure relaxation.

The first scene sets the tone: This film is weird right from the start. It's about two twins who don't know they are twins (they figure it out pretty quickly, though). The twins are salespeople who get jobs at the same place, and Megan Thee Stallion is their boss. As they get to know each other, an unexpected obsession with private parts takes center stage, sparking a comedic rivalry about who boasts the biggest ego. They discover that they have eerily similar lives, from shared birthdays to quirky idiosyncrasies. They decide to spice things up by swapping identities and infiltrating each other's families, and we meet the equally eccentric parents. The twins set a trap to orchestrate a meeting between their parents.

This is the weirdest movie you haven't seen yet. It's chaotic and full of extreme humor – we wouldn't show it to adults!

Welcome to TIFF UNG! This film program consists of four movies specially selected by a dedicated group of young people.

Screenings are only for those aged 15 to 19 and are free of charge. Tickets will be handed out at Aurora Kino Fokus one hour before the screening. First come, first served!

Many thanks to Tvibit and Ung Kulturrabatt for the collaboration!

USA 2023 RUNNING TIME 1h 26m DIRECTOR Larry Charles PRODUCERS Kori Adelson, Larry Charles, Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping SOURCE SF Norge LANGUAGE English SUBTITLES English

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Saturday 20. january

Kl 18:15
For youth 15-19. Free admission
Fokus 4


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