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Habji and Keremes are a poor indigenous couple of Eastern Siberia during the Russian Empire. They are forced to host a Russian prisoner in their small house, and gradually become aware of the new power dynamics established in the house.

Set in a remote part of Siberia in the 19th century, Nuuccha portrays the story of Habji and Keremes, a poor Yakut couple. After the death of their second newborn child, they starve in their infertile land, which leads Habji to desperately seek help from the Yakut leader. Their land is now being used to receive Russian enemies of the Tsarist regime, and Habji is given the task to host Kostya, a Russian convict, in exchange for food. The dynamics between them changes abruptly with the arrival of the unwelcome guest, and living in a harsh environment with scarce food supplies, their different backgrounds become increasingly evident. When Habji is called back into the village by his leader, Kostya takes advantage of the situation to slowly demand more space and power in the house.

Aesthetically appealing, the film is an allegory of colonisation and territory occupation, as the characters’ identities and relationships represent a complicated historical moment when the indigenous people of Eastern Siberia were subjected to continuous humiliation and violence. This strong film is director Vladimir Munkuev's debut feature. 


Vladimir Munkuev (1987) is a film director born in Yakutsk (Republic of Sakha), Russia. He previously directed Dude (2017) and Joy (2018), which won the Best Film of the Short film competition of Moscow Films. Nuuccha (2021) is his first feature film. 


2018 Joy (Short)
2017 Dude (Short)

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