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Lilia is returning home to her family after being held as a prisoner in Donbas. Wounds connected to the trauma she has been through are growing inside of her. As we follow Lilia, she refuses to identify as a victim but keeps on fighting.

After being in Russian captivity in Donbas, Ukrainian drone expert Lilia returns home to her family. When she gets home, her husband Tokha and her mother are waiting for her. But the trauma of her captivity continues to haunt her - in dreamlike ways. Something is growing within Lilia and won't let her forget, but she refuses to identify herself as a victim and will fight to free herself.

Maksym Nakonechnyi's feature film debut is a rough portrayal of the warriors in Ukraine and the women who are fighting for their integrity, freedom, and future. The suffering is especially poignant these days because of the war crimes that have recently taken place and are still taking place. The realistic depiction of the characters' lives clashes with the film's surreal dream scenes. Interspersed throughout the entire film, Lilia's dreams reveal her deeply buried trauma but also her unwavering power. Truly feeling her experience, decisions and emotions give her a clearer view of herself and the surrounding reality. Is a bigger war unavoidable?


Maksym Nakonechnyi is a Ukrainian director and producer. He received his degree in directing from Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University of Theatre, Cinema and Television (2012). He has worked on various TV projects and co-founded the independent production company Tabor, which produces documentaries, fiction films, theatre productions, commercials and social advertising. Maksym has directed the fiction shorts Invisible and New Year with Family. Butterfly Vision premiered at Cannes 2022, in Un Certain Regard.


2018 New Year with Family (short)
2017 Invisible (short)

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