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A young woman's relationship problems force her to confront her complicated relationship with sex, and the many small but important events in her past that have affected her more than she realizes.

Mila has just moved back to her parents' small village where she spent her summers as a child. She's accompanied by her boyfriend Marcel, and everything should be very idyllic. But Mila's traumatic relationship with sex threatens to destroy her relationship, stressing her out so much that the itchy rash from her childhood returns.

Mila must process the many minor (and major) sexual traumas she has experienced in her childhood. There are encounters, rejections, arguments and misunderstandings about her body and her sexuality, which may not have seemed so significant at the time, but which have a great influence on her young mind.

Creatura is a beautiful and warm story about guilt and trauma and how it is never too late to have those healing conversations with those closest to you. The film is uncomfortable without being violent, and Elena Martín is a brave filmmaker who dives into the obfuscation and shame that is often inflicted on young girls' desires and sexuality.


Elena Martín (b. 1992) is a Spanish actress, director and screenwriter. She studied audiovisual communication at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, ​​and often uses Catalan as the main language in her films. She has won several international film festival awards both as an actor and director.


2020 En casa: Mira este vídeo de gatitos (short)
2017 Julia Is

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