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Masha and her friends Senia and Yana form an inseparable trio at their high school as the end of their final year approaches. This hyper-realistic film is an atypical portrait of Ukrainian youth, with their dreams and traumas, their first loves and sorrows. 

For her debut feature film, Ukrainian director Kateryna Gornostai impresses with a fiction film that moves in tune with its ensemble cast, following their lives with a hand-held camera: the effect is documentary-like, with realistic dialogues and scenes, and a beautiful cinematography. Stop-Zemlia takes place during the final year of Masha's high school. A shy and artistic teenager, Masha is a bit of an outsider, but her close friends Senia and Yana are never far away. She is attracted to Sasha, a handsome classmate who hides a complicated relationship with his single mother. 

Stop-Zemlia is in some ways an experimental film, with its non-linear narrative, its in-character interviews with the cast, and its hyper-realistic feel. It is also a meaningful, non-judgmental representation of contemporary teenagehood in Ukraine. 


Kateryna Gornostai first studied biology and later journalism before turning to filmmaking. She graduated from the School of Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov Documentary Film and Theatre in Moscow. Back in Kyiv, she directed her first feature documentary, Euromaidan. Rough Cut (2014), as well as several shorts. 


2018 Crocodile (Short)
2016 Zgushhonka / Condensed (Short)
2015 Viddalik / Away (Short)
2014 Evromaidan. Chornovy montazh / Euromaidan. Rough Cut (Documentary)

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