Six Feet of Separation

A corona love story. Dina and Noah live separately in London and the lockdown puts their relationship to the test. Uncertainty arises and Dina wants to go back to her home country, whilst Noah wants her to stay. The world has changed. Have they changed with it?


Toni Nordli (b. 1987) is a Norwegian independent filmmaker who worked in the location department on the Emmy & Golden Globe winning Killing Eve and Academy Award winning The Father. He was nominated as 'Best Newcomer' for his short film 'Frostbite' (2014) during Tromsø International Film Festival. His student film 'Shark Bait' (2009) was in the competition program at Brussels International Film Festival and was selected by the European Children's Film Assocation for educational purposes around Europe to fight homophobia and intolerance.


Shark Bait (2009)
Frostbite (2014) 
Six Feet of Separation (2022)

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Thursday 20. january

Kl 17:00
Fokus 2

Friday 21. january

Kl 12:00
Fokus 4

Saturday 22. january

Kl 09:15
Fokus 4

Sunday 23. january

Kl 09:15
Fokus 4


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