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An exceptional documentary that takes us on an emotional journey through a family's challenges. Four Daughters is a celebration of life, packed with joy and humor.

The story of Olfa, a firm matriarch, is told in a unique way by director Kaouther Ben Hania. After two of Olfa’s four daughters disappear, professional actors are invited to fill the void left by them so that they can explore the traumas the family has endured. Ben Hania's innovative approach challenges traditional documentary boundaries, and Four Daughters becomes a work of art seamlessly blending reconstructed scenes with heart-wrenching interviews. It gives us a glimpse into transgenerational traumas and shows how one can break the cycle of pain and loss. What makes the film even more remarkable is the charismatic and steadfast women who, through laughter and tears, demonstrate the strength within them.

Four Daughters is not just a story of grief and loss but also a narrative of healing and strength. It is a vibrant documentary about a family seeking to heal old wounds and about brave, complex women confronting their past.


Kaouther Ben Hania (b. 1977) is a Tunisian director. Her film Beauty and the Dogs (2017) was selected at the Festival de Cannes Un Certain Regard in 2017, and her 2020 film The Man Who Sold His Skin was nominated as the Tunisian entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 93rd Academy Awards.


2020 The Man Who Sold His Skin
2017 Beauty and the Dogs
2016 Zaineb Hates the Snow
2013 Challat of Tunis
2010 Imams Go to School

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