The Other Side

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Shortly after moving into her new home in a peaceful Swedish suburb, Shirin starts hearing knocking sounds from the empty house next door. When her stepson then makes a mysterious friend, the stage is set for a traditional haunted house horror story.

Shirin is trying to find her place as a new stepmom to young Lucas and hopes moving in together as a family will help the process. As her boyfriend Fredrik is called away to work, however, Shirin finds herself alone in the house with the young boy. She is quickly unnerved by the mysterious knocking sounds coming from next door, and her paranoia becomes even more prominent when Fredrik has a hard time believing her.

As tension rises, The Other Side relies on classical tropes of the genre to create a spooky atmosphere and scary moments, bound to make your skin crawl. The modern Scandinavian setting makes for a refreshing variation on the more common Gothic mansion typically seen in haunted house films. Norwegians will feel right at home in this sleek house in shades of gray, begging the question if a modern house might not be just as scary as an old one.


Tord Danielsson (b. 1980) and Oskar Mellander (b. 1979) are directors hailing from the southern part of Sweden. After working as writers and directors for various TV shows, they joined forces as filmmakers for their debut The Other Side.


2020 Andra sidan / The Other Side
2017 Jakten på tidskrystallen (TV)

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Tuesday 19. january

Kl 16:30
TIFF Digital 2


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