Robe of Gems

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Through a wealthy woman, a maid, and a police investigator, we get to take part in a rather indefinable thriller. Their path to liberation is constantly overshadowed by tragedy and violence through links to the local drug trade and social conditions in southern Mexico.

Isabel (Nailea Norvind) is starting her divorce proceedings and moves with her two children into an old mansion once owned by her family. Most things seem calm and normal at first, but at the same time, the maid Maria (Antonia Olivares) is troubled by her sister's disappearance. Kidnappings and murders are a rather gloomy, but also common, type of crime in the country, often in combination with drugs. Police investigator Roberta gets involved in the case. As an added layer to all everyday challenges, her son is also involved in drug trafficking. It can also be mentioned that Marta makes a living working for a local drug gang without the police chief's knowledge.

This is a tale of crime, class, and corruption in modern Mexico. This time it is portrayed through dreamlike colors, symbolism, and a community in which respect for the law has collapsed entirely. In a society where norms don't apply, constant threat is the only rule.


Natalia López (b. 1980) is referred to as an Mexican-Bolivian filmmaker, but she was born in La Paz, Bolivia. Robe of Gems (2022) is her debut as a full-length feature film director. Otherwise she is known as both editor, actress and producer. As editor She has worked with Lisandro Alonso and Carlos Reygadas on films like Jauja (2014) and Silent Light (2007). Her debut film became part of the main competition at the Berlinale 2022.


2006 En el cielo como en la tierra / In Heaven Like in Earth (Short)

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