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Set in Ramallah, the de facto Palestinian capital in central West Bank, Mayor is a portrait of Musa Hadid, an entertaining and clever leader who works day and night to turn the city into a comfortable and enjoyable place for its citizens. 

Musa Hadid is the clever and spirituous mayor of Ramallah, the de facto Palestinian capital. People greet him as he walks down the streets, listening to their various claims and demands. With a charismatic approach, Hadid strives for the end of the occupation, as he undertakes the task of managing a city surrounded by Israeli settlements and soldiers. Conscious of his limitations as a mayor, as well as daily-life restrictions imposed by the troubled geopolitics of the region, he is determined to make the city a better place for citizens by planning Christmas decorations, repaving the streets, and building a nice fountain in the city center.

Making use of intelligent humor, this documentary refuses the easy path of Western clichés around the Palestinian situation, following the multi-layered challenges of a leader who works around the clock to make Ramallah a dignified place despite all its political complexities.


David Osit (b. 1987) is an American filmmaker. He is known for Thank you for Playing (2015) which won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Arts and Culture Documentary. Mayor (2020) is his third documentary feature.


2015 Thank You For Playing (Documentary)
2012 Building Babel (Documentary)
2009 Limbo of the Infants (Short film)

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