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What is a woman to do when her husband transforms into a chicken, leaving her to support the family by herself? This kafkaesque, deadpan, and satirical Egyptian comedy gives us the answer to that question.

Not everything goes according to plan at a children’s birthday party held by an Egyptian working-class family. A magic trick goes wrong, and the father is turned into a chicken. The magicians are bewildered, but this development primarily affects the chicken’s wife, who is left to support the household.

Omar El Zohairy’s feature debut is a bone-dry and absurd comedy, where much of the humor springs from the film’s gravely serious tone and social-realist aesthetic. Gloomy and dead-pan Scandinavian humorists like Aki Kaurismäki and Roy Andersson appear to be prominent influences. Like his Nordic colleagues, El Zohairy uses comedy to discuss weightier themes, and as Feathers gradually becomes a story of a woman struggling to make ends meet, it sheds a satirical light on gender and class relations in Egypt. The result is a film that simultaneously works as a dark comedy and a sincerely moving, kafkaesque tale of suffering.


Omar El Zohairy (b. 1988) is a filmmaker from Cairo, Egypt. He studied directing at the High Institute of Cinema in Cairo. Feathers is his feature film debut. When the film premiered at Cannes, it was awarded the Critics' Week Grand Prize, as well as the International Film Critic’s Award.


2014 Ma baad wadea hagar el asas l mashrou el hammam bel kilo 375 (short)
2011 Zafir (short)

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