The Lost Boys

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Zeno Graton's debut film unfolds in a juvenile reform center where physical contact is prohibited. Joe and William fall in love – but to love each other, they must break the law.

As Joe plans for his imminent release from the youth correctional facility, William arrives, and an unexpected romance ensues. The film delves into the systemic issues within the juvenile detention center, portraying the staff's commitment to the boys in contrast to the bureaucratic system that disregards their humanity. When Joe and William rebel against the system by publicly displaying their love, the film explores the inevitable clash between the boys and harsh realities. The system's lack of respect for their individuality breeds anger, threatening to shatter the romantic paradise they've found in each other.

Graton's skills as a director shine through in his cinematic flair and compassionate storytelling. The Lost Boys authentically captures the essence of youth, romance, and rebellion. The film suggests that love discovered in the most unlikely places might just be the key to turning a seemingly hopeless situation into a fleeting paradise.


Zeno Graton (b. 1990) is a Belgian film director and screenwriter who studied film at INSAS. He was a Cinéfondation resident in the fall 2016 and winter 2017 session. His debut feature film The Lost Boys (Le Paradis) premiered at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival in 2023.


2015 Jay Amongst Men (short)

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