Killing Romance

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Hwang Yeo-rae, a once-popular actress, faces a turbulent marriage and yearns for her old career. When she moves in next to Kim Beom-woo, her biggest fan, a desperate plan to regain her freedom and revive her career unfolds.

Yeo-rae (Lee Ha-nee) is a nationally famous model and actress, but after an embarrassing performance in a sci-fi bomb, her entire career is in shambles. Disappointed, she travels to a Pacific island, marries the wealthy environmental activist Jonathan Na (Lee Sun-kyun), and returns to South Korea a few years later. Yeo-rae realizes that Jonathan is a narcissistic, controlling, and violent husband. However, neighbor Beom-woo, her biggest fan, plans to help her put an end to it.

Killing Romance is an over-the-top and energetic film, with aesthetics, characters, and situations that are a perfect blend of “Looney Tunes” and Wes Anderson, with a bit of La La Land sprinkled on top, for peak absurdity. The actors enjoy every scene they are in, while director Lee Won-suk manages to maintain a focused drive, with a whimsical and playful tone, wrapped in a colorful and visually striking universe.


Lee Won-suk (b. 1974) is a South Korean director. He studied directing in the USA and made his directorial debut with the film How to Use Guys with Secret Tips in 2013, after previously working as an assistant director. The film won the Golden Mulberry Award (Audience Award) at the Far East Film Festival.


2014 The Royal Tailor
2013 How to Use Guys with Secret Tips
2005 Deotchil (short)

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