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In this drama, we are introduced to the musician Llewyn Davis, who tries to achieve musical fame and earn enough money to pay his rent. The film explores loneliness, musical passion, and the challenging road to success, set against the backdrop of the legendary folk music scene in 1960s Greenwich Village.

In this drama, we follow Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac), a talented but disillusioned musician struggling to find his footing in a world marked by uncertainty and critique. He's broke, homeless, and has a knack for rubbing everyone he encounters the wrong way. Llewyn's pursuit of success turns into a tumultuous odyssey of musical gigs, couch-surfing, and endless road trips, all with the company of an orange cat by his side.

Inside Llewyn Davis is a powerful drama that delves into Davis' internal strife, showcasing the Coen Brothers' exceptional skill in balancing humor and drama in a distinctive manner. True to form, the brothers deliver a visually striking film that captures the essence of the 1960s folk music scene and the shifting musical landscape. In line with several of their previous works, the film carries a somewhat episodic quality where we meet several unique characters on Llewyn's quest for success. The film's soundtrack features a blend of original compositions and traditional folk songs, a delightful treat for those enamored with the folk music resurgence of the 1960s.

Inside Llewyn Davis was warmly received and received glowing reviews worldwide after its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.


Joel Coen (b. 1954) and Ethan Coen (b. 1957) are American directors and screenwriters from Minnesota. They made their debut Blood Simple in 1984 and have since made a number of critically acclaimed movies. They won the Best Picture Oscar in 2008 with No Country for Old Men. Both graduated from Simon's Rock Early College in Great Barrington, MA.


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1996 Fargo
1990 Miller's Crossing
1984 Blood Simple

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