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A motley gang of girls in the Arctic village of Pangnirtung, Nunavut, must muster courage, horror film knowledge, and proud Inuit hunting traditions to escape bloodthirsty aliens.

The friends are hanging out on the longest day of the year, while their parents are busy celebrating the summer solstice when they stumble across an alien invasion. These fearsome creatures kill animals and people and then take over and control the dead bodies. But no one messes with the girls from Pang! The genre film's characteristics and talented non-professional actors are used to show Inuit culture and suggest stories of colonialization, subsequent social challenges, and internalized shame of indigenous identity. But above all, this film will entertain with its mix of adventure, a dose of body horror, a dash of sci-fi, some jumpscares, lo-fi monster effects, and lots of charm.


Nyla Innuksuk is a Canadian film director, writer, and producer. She has mainly worked on short documentary and fiction films focusing on Inuit and indigenous peoples in the Arctic Her films often also focus on youths in Inuit communities, and the social problems they face.

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