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Come and experience one of Charlie Chaplin's cult films, The Kid at the Winter Cinema! This masterpiece from 1921 will make you laugh and maybe shed a few tears as well. 

In The Kid, Charlie Chaplin plays a character called Tramp, who finds an abandoned child -the titular Kid- in an alley. The good-hearted Tramp also finds the note the abandoned child's mother left with him, which says "Please love and care for this orphan child." So begins an unlikely friendship between the two, and as the baby becomes a small boy, he is both the Tramp's adopted son and his sidekick. Living on very little, they are nonetheless happy. Meanwhile, the Kid's mother has had a change of heart, and now a wealthy actress, she seeks to find her son back. And after a series of chance encounters, the Mother realizes that the Kid is indeed her son. 

Critically acclaimed as soon as its release, and later deemed one of the greatest silent films ever made, The Kid is one of Charlie Chaplin's most personal works. Jack Coogan, the child actor who plays the Kid, was a revelation and later became a vaudeville performer. Chaplin and Coogan's bond is evident on screen, and it has been said that it was only reinforced by the fact that Chaplin had just lost his firstborn baby before production began. 


Charles Chaplin (1889-1977), often known by his stage name Charlie Chaplin, was an English filmmaker, actor and composer who became one of the most iconic figures of the silent film era. Born in London in a family marked by poverty and hardship, he started performing at a young age, and developed his "Tramp" persona, which would become worldwide famous with The Kid. His career spanned 7 decades, appearing in close to 100 films.

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Friday 21. january

Kl 15:30
Winter Cinema


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