Gozuid alde (Woke in Sami) with Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen and Sajje Solbakk.

The Sami-speaking podcast that takes the difficult topics of conversation out from around the kitchen table and in the front of the microphone – takes a step further and brings the conversations to a live audience.

In two seasons and 16 episodes, Ella Marie and Sajje have talked, laughed, and cried themselves and their guests through topics such as climate, sex in Sápmi, spirituality, extremism and politics around traditional clothing. Gozuid alde is a podcast published by NRK Sápmi and created on the initiative of Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen. As one of the few podcasts in Sami, they have managed to reach a large Sami-speaking audience and succeeded in bringing the debate around the topics onto social media platforms used by Sami in Norway. The starting point was just that, to get young Sami people to discuss in the public space without being afraid of trolling and judging. The podcast is also published on NRK TV as a visual podcast with subtitles in Norwegian.

This time Ella and Sajje will visit the film festival to take the conversation even further into the public debate by having a live broadcast from the stage, with exciting guests and a current topic. The conversation will take place in Sami, but with a simultaneous interpreter present - in the best Gozuid old style.

A recording of the podcast will be broadcast on NRK.

Bures boahtin!

Time: Friday, 6 pm
Place: Tromsø library

Attend the event at Tromsø library or watch it live on this page.

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Friday 20. january

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