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In 2002, Chechen militants took hostage an audience of 850 at the Dubrovka theatre in Moscow. 17 years on, survivors remember their lost ones. Conference is a stylish and emotional film with subtle political undertones.

Natalia lives as a nun far away from the capital. She is visiting Moscow for a commemoration of the more than 170 people who died when Chechen attackers took over the Dubrovka Theater in one of the biggest acts of terror in Europe since the turn of the century. A small group of survivors gather for what they are forced to call a conference, not a memorial service. As the participants share their experiences, we understand the consequences of fear. At the core of the story, we find Natalia and her family.

Conference is a stylistically tight film, where simple means are used effectively to create visually striking images. Most of the film takes place in the theater. Faceless mannequins represent the absent ones. The silences in the soundtrack speak volumes. Chronological testimonies give a balanced and sober insight into the dramatic events. With unassuming but beautiful aesthetics, one of the most promising young Russian filmmakers depicts a badly handled attack.

This film was chosen by Norwegian film critic Håkon Tveit.


Ivan I. Tverdorskiy (b. 1988) is a Russian director born i Moscow. His debut Corrections Class won the East of West Award in Karlovy Vary. All his first three feature films have premiered in Karlovy Vary and had extensive festival runs including several awards. Conference premiered at the Venice Film Festival.


2018 Jumpman
2016 Zoologiya / Zoology
2014 Klass korrektsii / Corrections Class

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