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Coup de chance is a romantic drama that offers both comedy and suspense. Woody Allen's latest film is a lighthearted yet captivating exploration of love, murder, and moral complexity set in Paris.

Woody Allen's new drama unfolds among the sophisticated upper class in Paris. The film follows the story of Fanny, portrayed by the fabulous Lou de Laâge, who is entangled in a web of love and infidelity with unexpected consequences. The lively and energetic performances by the actors provide this light comedy with delightful depth, and the story takes dark turns that will surprise most viewers.

The title illustrates the theme that permeates the film, namely the question of the role luck plays in life. The characters discuss fortune and luck on a philosophical level, adding a certain depth to the exciting drama. Coup de chance is Allen's fiftieth feature film, exemplifying that he is still a masterful storyteller.


Woody Allen (b. 1935) is an iconic American filmmaker, actor, writer, and comedian. With a career spanning over six decades, Allen has left an indelible mark on the world of cinema. He began his career as a stand-up comedian and comedy writer, transitioning to filmmaking in the mid-1960s.


2013 Blue Jasmine
2011 Midnight in Paris
1986 Hannah and Her Sisters
1985 The Purple Rose of Cairo
1979 Manhattan
1977 Annie Hall

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