Welcome to NUFF@TIFF, where we present the 3 Winner films and 2 Special Mentions from the NUFF 2021 film festival!

The Nordic Youth Film Festival (NUFF) is composed of both a short film festival and a 6-day film workshop for young filmmakers up to 26 years old.

Based in Tromsø, northern Norway, NUFF will take place for the 20th year in a row in 2022. It has been an international platform for countless young filmmakers since its beginning in 2003, and is an integral part of Filmveksthuset TVIBIT.

What is NUFF?

NUFF FESTIVAL: Takes place in November. NUFF has two film competitions for short films (under 20 minutes) made by filmmakers who are up to 26 years old. The film must have been made maximum 2 years prior to NUFF. All genres are welcome! We receive around 2500 submissions from all over the world each year. A program selection of around 40 films is screened at Verdensteatret, and 2 juries (Nordic and International) choose the best film in each category, and the audience votes for the best film in the Audience Award. 

NUFF WORKSHOP: Takes place each year in June. Around 30 participants from all over the world come to Tromsø and make a short film from scratch in six days. At the end of the week, the workshop films are screened at Verdensteatret. 

YOUNG FILM TALENTS: Tvibit Youth Film Centre (Filmveksthuset Tvibit) is a film laboratory for young filmmakers in Northern Norway, aiming to assist and aid emerging talent through mentoring, courses, workshops and financing of youth film projects.

CHILL OUT: During TIFF, the Tvibit Café Kringla is a meeting place for young festival participants. Choose from the affordable menu, or feel free to just hang out.

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