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Shot in a single continuous take, Minsk pulls the viewer straight into the protests that followed the 2020 Belarusian election results. A civilian couple are caught in the midst of the riot police brutal suppression of the peaceful protesters.

When the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, was elected for a sixth term under suspicious circumstances in 2020, it led to the largest anti-government protests in the history of the country. The nearly 200.000 protesters in Minsk were met with random mass arrests, live ammunition and brutal suppression by Europe's last dictator. Married couple Pasha and Julia are on their way to deliver a car to Pasha's ex-wife, and find themselves in the line of fire between protesters and riot police. Over the next hour, their lives are changed forever.

Minsk is an exceptionally intense depiction of the events that took place in Belarus in August 2020. The film is shot in one single take, consistently depicting Pasha and Julia's vantage point. This device creates an emotional intimacy that offers unique access to the terrifying experience that ordinary Belarusians were subjected to by the dictatorship's forces. Minsk is a look at the oppression and torture from up close.


Boris Guts (b. 1980) is a Russian filmmaker. He has directed several feature films, that are typically concerned with exploring social themes such as poverty, racism, homophobia. His film Fagot (2018) was the first Russian film shot entirely on a mobile phone.


2019 We Look Good in Death
2018 Fagot
2016 Watermelon Rinds
2014 Tvoy brat tak umeet (short)

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