Family Day: The Lion King

Saturday, January 20th, TIFF Junior invites you to a double anniversary - an exciting family day with a screening of the The Lion King from 1994!

Simba will one day take over the king's throne after his father, to the great joy of everyone except his uncle Scar who wants the throne for himself. Misled by his devious uncle, Simba lives a relaxed life outside the kingdom and forgets his responsibilities. But duty calls and Simba must return to find his place in the "circle of life".

It's been 30 years since Disney's epic adventure about young Simba hit the cinemas, just as Disney is celebrating 100 years of Magic. 

Before the film, local musical artist Karoline Dons will sing a couple of selected songs from the film. 

We team up with Rabalder Festival, the Science Center and Save the Children North to create a fun day of activities, entertainment, and a wonderful film experience. Thank you to COOP Nord and Vervet Bakeri for serving sweet Berliners and hot toddy. 

Please note that the film will be screened in Norwegian without subtitles.

Come to the family day and start the countdown to TIFF Junior 2024. Tromsø International Film Festival and Aurora Kino Fokus’ film festival for young audiences, will take place September 4 – 8, 2024.

Age limit: Six years

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Saturday 20. january

Kl 15:00
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