There Is No God but Me

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A film that both warms and breaks your heart, set in the ice-cold Russian region Yakutia. With a signature style, amateur actors and great sensitivity, Davydov depicts the relationship between an adult son and his mother, who suffers from Alzheimer.

Ruslan, age 40, lives with his mother Maria in a settlement in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). Their life is becoming all the more challenging as Maria's Alzheimer disease progresses. One day Ruslan is called back from work because his mother is threatening the neighbors with a shotgun. The dilemmas pile up. How to best care for his mother? How much should he be willing to sacrifice of his own life, love and family, to keep Maria safe?

Not unlike Davydov's debut Bonfire, this seemingly small story is dealing with the big questions in life. Exploring everyday life in a specific location, the film expands a meditation on global human emotions and relations. The Sakha region, where the Yakuts are the main indigenous group and where most films are in Yakut, is one of the most booming and interesting film industries in Russia today. Beautifully shot with non-professional actors, this tender tale will make an impact. Another of Davydov’s films, Scarecrow is also screened at TIFF this year.


Dmitry Davydov (b. 1983) is a Russian director from Yakutia, Siberia. He came to Tromsø to present his debut feature The Bonfire at TIFF in 2018, after the premiere at Busan International Film Festival. An autodidact filmmaker with an impressing track record and production rate, Davydov continues to teach at a local school in Sakha.


2020 Pugalo / Scarecrow

2019 Net boga krome menya / There Is No Got but Me
2016 Kostior na vetru / The Bonfire

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Sunday 24. january

Kl 10:00
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