Unborn Biru

Winner of The Tromsø Palm 2023!
A pregnant, poor widow is desperate for help. Shut out by the community, she steals silver from a dead body to survive and feed her daughter. But the silver comes with a curse that has consequences for all of them, including the unborn. Set in Sápmi in 1920, this short is inspired by a true story, Sámi tradition and mythology, and Japanese horror films.


Elin Marakatt was born and raised in a Sámi reindeer-herding family in Sweden. She is an author, journalist, and reindeer herder. Elin has a Bachelor's degree in Cultural analysis from Umeå University and studied film at Sámi University. Unborn Biru is her debut as a director and scriptwriter.

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Wednesday 17. january

Kl 18:45
Winter Cinema


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