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Uje Brandelius and his family play themselves in this warm comedy where everyday scenes and pop music are woven together. A sudden shift in Uje's life puts both his family and his job at stake and gives the autobiographical story a serious backdrop.

Run Uje Run tells the autobiographical story of Uje Brandelius, a family father, radio host and keyboard player in his pop band Doktor Kosmos. Uje and his family (all played by themselves in the film) live an apparently harmonious and ordinary suburban life outside Stockholm: family dinners, homework, negotiation on drop-offs to the kindergarten, and his daughter’s chess and fencing training are their main concerns.

But one day, Uje learns that he has Parkinson's disease. Faced with this life changing crisis, he first keeps it as a secret, while he is forced to reflect on the big questions in life. Uje starts to seek people and situations he otherwise wouldn’t and take chances that end in embarrassing and comical meetings. At the same time, Uje’s strange behavior sparks conflicts at home and at work. Run Uje Run is a warm drama comedy where everyday realism meets heavy future prospects and humorous lyrics.


Henrik Schyffert (b. 1968) has had a broad career within Swedish TV and film production as a TV host, actor, screenwriter and director. He is also a music artist and an experienced stand-up comedian.


2014 Jättebästisar (TV)
2010 Allt faller (TV)

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Saturday 23. january

Kl 13:00
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