The Fight for Greenland

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After nearly 300 years as a Danish province, many Greenlanders feel the time has come for independence. But how? We follow four activists gearing up for the local elections, each with their own ideas about how to best shape the future of Greenland.

Greenland is the world's largest island, and strategically important for both China and the US. But with just over 50 000 inhabitants, an economy entirely reliant on Danish grants and social woes like addiction, abuse and high suicide rates, there are many opinions about the right way forward. In this fascinating documentary we meet young Greenlanders who all feel things must change, but disagree on how. Is independence the answer, or should the cooperation with Denmark take a new turn?

Paninnguaq fights for the Greenlandic language and old Inuit traditions, while her boyfriend Joseph uses rap and theater to get his message across. Politicians Kaaleeraq and Tillie are both trying to be elected to parliament but disagree on the relationship Greenland should have to Denmark. In The Fight for Greenland we get a unique look at a people finding themselves again, and fighting for their identity in their own ways.


Kenneth Sorrento (b. 1970) is a Danish cinematographer and director. He graduated in film, TV and video making from Copenhagen Technical College in 1999 and is known for making documentaries in the Arctic Region. The Fight for Greenland won the main prize at the pitch forum Below Zero at TIFF in 2017.


2004 Vinterbader / As Time Goes By: Winter Swimmer (Short documentary)
2003 Yego (Documentary)

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Saturday 23. january

Kl 15:00
TIFF Digital 2


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