Dinner in America

In the suburbs of Midwest America, an unconventional couple tries to find each other in a series of absurd misadventures. Traversed by peculiar humor, Dinner in America is a punk-energized coming-of-age romantic comedy.

Simon is a rebellious punk-rocker hiding from the police after an arson attack. When he is about to get caught, he is accidentally saved by Patty, a shy and awkward young woman who has just been fired from her job for not being pretty enough. Patty invites him for dinner at her parents' house and offers him shelter, without realizing he is the lead singer of her favorite band. If at times Simon seems to be an arrogant and cynical bad-boy, his unexpected encounter with Patty slowly reveals his protective and caring side. Fueled by punk rock, Patty and Simon embark on absurd adventures as they slowly realize they actually have a lot in common.

This film is an unusual rom-com filled with anarchic humor and led by two misfits in Midwestern America. With an accelerated editing-style and energetic soundtrack, Dinner in America celebrates the nineties punk scene through the eyes of an unlikely duo.


Adam Rehmeier is a filmmaker born in Nebraska, United States. His previous movies include The Bunny Game (2011) and Jonas (2013). Rehmeier's latest movie, Dinner in America (2020), premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival.


2020 Dinner in America
2013 H.P. Lovecraft: Two Left Arms
2013 Jonas
2011 The Bunny Game

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