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A dedicated father undertakes an arduous battle for the right of seeing his children again. Faced with a corrupt system and poverty, he travels across Serbia on foot, in a journey filled with hunger and exhaustion.

Nikola is a father of two who has a day-job in a small Serbian village. After being dismissed from a factory, and not having received any compensation, his wife attempts suicide by setting herself on fire. Confronted with a heavily bureaucratic social service that prohibits him from seeing his children, his only option is to walk 300 kilometers to Belgrade in order to deliver an appeal, initiating a long and dolorous battle to regain custody of his kids. Long and silent shots of Nikola’s journey affirm his relentless character amidst broader problems of poverty and corruption in Serbia.

The film passes through Serbian landscapes, and Nikola is surrounded by a view of abandonment and precariousness, even though good people eventually come across his way. Directed with pronounced realism, Father evolves with a dry and unsentimental style, presenting Nikola’s story as the one of a pilgrim or an ordinary hero who refuses to give up. Goran Bodgan, known for his work in the TV series Fargo, delivers another strong performance.


Srdan Golubović (b. 1972) is a Serbian director. His previous feature films include Absolute Hundred (2001) and The Trap (2007). Father (2020) premiered at the 70th Berlinale. He teaches at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.


2020 Otac / Father
2013 Krugovi / Circles
2007 Klopka / The Trap
2001 Apsolutnih sto / Absolute 100

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Wednesday 20. january

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