The Rye Horn

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An evocative and visceral cinematic experience, The Rye Horn offers a profound exploration of life's essence in the flesh and blood. This compelling film brings viewers intimately close to the characters, where the actors' raw and authentic performances shine.

Set in 1971 on a picturesque Spanish island, the story unfolds around María, a dedicated midwife (portrayed by the dancer Janet Novás). Her journey to aid women in their most vulnerable moments is both touching and transformative, intricately woven into the backdrop of women's struggles during Franco's reign.

The Rye Horn is a masterclass in storytelling without the need for an abundance of words. It delves into the corporeal and the sensory, enveloping the audience in a journey that resonates deep within. The film's deliberate pacing allows viewers to experience the characters' trials and triumphs, feeling every nuance, every joy, and every sorrow. Through exquisite cinematography and authentic performances, The Rye Horn skillfully conveys the essence of femininity, the relentless rhythm of nature, and the primal forces of life itself. It's a visually stunning and emotionally resonant film that speaks volumes about the unspoken and the power of profound emotions.


Jaione Camborda (b. 1983) is a Spanish director from San Sebastián. She began her career with experimental and documentary short films. She made her feature film debut in 2019 with Arima. Camborda wrote and directed The Rye Horn, which won The Golden Shell at San Sebastián in 2023.


2019 Arima
2017 Wild Mane Crop (short)
2015 Lilit (short)
2015 Nimbos (short)

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