Ruthless Times - Songs of Care

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This documentary explores the theme of elderly care and healthcare in a unique and surprising way, enriched with dark humor and delightful Finnish characters.

Despite addressing a health-related topic, the film is a joy to watch. It delves into the Finnish reality and healthcare system, which closely resembles the Norwegian. The film is universal, striking at the core of our shared humanity and the role of individuals in the system.

With original approaches in the documentary genre, the film brings a breath of fresh air, providing insights into a world relevant to anyone with elderly family members. It also appeals to those concerned about our healthcare and welfare systems, or simply those who will one day experience the aging process themselves. A film that transcends borders and touches on fundamental questions about humanity.


Susanna Kristiina Helke (b. 1967) is a Finnish documentary filmmaker and a professor at the School of Arts, Design, and Architecture at Aalto University. She has received the Jussi Award for the film The Idle Ones and several other accolades.


2013 American Vagabond
2005 Along the Road Little Child
2001 The Idle Ones

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Monday 15. january

Kl 18:00
Winter Cinema


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