Johansen Brothers

Johansen Brothers is a film about brotherhood and belongingness. A tender and somewhat alternative coming-of-age story, where country men bloom, both by breaking and maintaining old traditions.

On an island far north, within a fjord, lies Kråkrøhamn. The once populous village, now counting merely 25 inhabitants, is home to the Johansen family. Five brothers have, for close to half a century, shared sunny as well as rainy days at the family farm with their mom and dad. The fisherman Jan Ivar likes the way it has always been, while the goat farmer Idar is longing for love. Johansen Brothers is a heartwarming portrait of the brothers, with the omnipresent influence of materfamilias Kjellrun. The documentary, focusing closely on the brothers, also places their lifestyle, and the rural village they are part of, in a larger context of today's arctic society. 


Trude Ottersen runs Koko Film in Tromsø. Her film-debut Sealers, one last hunt (2016) premiered at IDFA, won the Audience Award at TIFF, had a theatrical release, and was made into a series for NRK. Johansen Brothers is her second feature as a director. Last year she produced Resurface, which also premiered at Films from the North.

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Thursday 19. january

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Hålogaland Teater

Saturday 21. january

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Saturday 21. january

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Fokus 5

Sunday 22. january

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Fokus 2 (Bonordsalen)


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