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The fairytale wedding is a faded memory as the royal family gathers for another Christmas celebration. The frailest of its members has become the elephant in the room, constantly threatening to break tradition and expose a crumbling interior.

Princess Diana is both literally and figuratively lost as she tries to navigate the labyrinthic roads of the Sandringham district. Finally, she reaches the estate where she will spend the next three days together with the entire royal family. Being weighed and expected to gain pounds before leaving, only marks the start of absurdist traditions and happenings. The whole stay will eventually turn into a nightmare for the princess. And just beyond the estate lies her own childhood home and memories of a happier life.

Following thematically after Jackie (2016), Pablo Larraín returns with another take on a haunted woman caught in her role as a public figure. In the long list of film and series about the British royal family, this version stands out with its visionary approach. Achieving a highly fictional world that goes beyond realism, it mirrors all the splendor and loneliness of its characters. Bordering in part on the psychological thriller, it is perfectly balanced by a magnificent performance by Kristin Stewart, adding warmth and depth to her deeply empathic version of Diana Spencer.


Pablo Larraín (b. 1976) is a Chilean director who made his breakthrough in 2012 with No, which won two awards at the Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. His film Jackie with Natalie Portman was nominated for three Academy Awards.


2016 Jackie
2016 Neruda
2015 El Club / The Club
2012 No 

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