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Trine refuses to fly. So, when the 18-year-old climate activist and trumpet talent is invited to audition at the prestigious Opera in Oslo, she has only a few days to travel over 900 miles from Lofoten to the capital.

Trine tries to stay true to her principles and decides to hitchhike. She stands by the roadside, wearing a yellow bubble jacket, in a hurry, and with a slightly wavering belief that kind strangers will pick her up. Amidst all the unexpected situations she must deal with along the way, she also needs to prepare for an important test. Trine's race against the clock is also a journey inward: Both her passion for music and environmental idealism are put to the test on this road trip through the rough and beautiful landscapes of Norway. Will she reach her goal?

Practice explores resistance, passion, and listening to oneself, beautifully accompanied by music by Astor Piazzolla. This Tromsø film, by feature film debutant Laurens Pérol, has already won several awards on its international festival journey.


Laurens Pérol (b. 1995) is a director/screenwriter/producer based in Norway, holding a BA in Moving Images from Nordland School of Art and Film. Exploring the relationship between the individual and society in his films, Laurens’ works have been screened internationally, receiving an honorable mention at Minimalen 2021 and winning Skårungen 2022.

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Thursday 18. january

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Friday 19. january

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Driv Cinema

Sunday 21. january

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Fokus 5


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