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The year is 2123, and all plants and animals are dead. Residents of Budapest have agreed to transform into trees at 50 to nourish the younger generation. Nora has decided to donate her body long before she is required to – so her husband Stefan embarks on a journey to save her.

White Plastic Sky is a dystopian tale with a crystal-clear vision of an ecologically catastrophic future. We propel ourselves 100 years into the future, where all life on Earth is dead. Budapest's population lives under a dome, allowed to reside there until they turn 50. At that point, they must sacrifice their bodies to the "plantation," where they slowly transform into trees for human consumption. Everyone knows their fate and understands the origin of the food they consume. Nora, having suffered a significant loss, decides to undergo transformation despite being only 32 years old. Stefan, her husband, does everything in his power to save her.

This narrative seamlessly weaves together elements of sci-fi, post-humanism, and love. The animated film employs a combination of CGI and rotoscoping, a technique where animated sequences are created by tracing over live-action footage frame by frame. This blend creates a slightly skewed world, providing a fitting backdrop for the ethical and psychological themes unfolding. The film serves as a post-apocalyptic warning that comes to life through its visual effects and provides both spectacle and substance.


Sarolta Szabó and Tibor Bánóczki, also known as DOMESTIC INFELICITY, are two Hungarian filmmakers specializing in animation. Their two short films have been featured at festivals such as Sundance and Clermont-Ferrand, and their debut feature film, White Plastic Sky, was nominated for the European Animated Feature Film category at the European Film Awards.


2014 Leftover (short)
2011 Les conquérants (short)
2008 The Clap Dudes (short)
2007 Milk Teeth (short)
2001 Dead Water (short)

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