Memory of Water

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In a future world stripped of freshwater, Noria becomes the village’s Tea Master after her deceased father. She unexpectedly finds out a secret her father has guarded: There may still be clean water in an irradiated place called the Lost Lands.

While the military-run government in the Scandinavian Union tightens its leash, Noria needs to learn to navigate alone with the secret. The young woman must wield her quiet strength as a compass along a dangerous journey for her people's survival. This dystopian literary adaptation features elements from the fantasy, sci-fi, and thriller genres.


Saara Saarela graduated as a film director (MA) from Helsinki Film School. Since 2001 she has directed short films, television series, and films like the French political thriller The Venetian and the drama Twisted Roots, which received the Prize of Best World Cinema feature at the Indianapolis International Film Festival in 2010.

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Thursday 19. january

Kl 16:30

Friday 20. january

Kl 14:00
Fokus 2 (Bonordsalen)

Sunday 22. january

Kl 22:15
Fokus 2 (Bonordsalen)


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