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Sabaya is a heartbreaking documentary film that follows a group of volunteers from the Yazidi Home Center in Syria. Every day they risk their lives to save women held captive by ISIS in Al-Hawl, the most dangerous camp in the Middle East.

Directed, shot and edited by Swedish-Kurdish Hogir Hirori, this nerve-wracking documentary takes us to the inside of hell. In 2014, thousands of young girls were kidnapped by ISIS. When the Caliphate collapsed, a lot of these girls got transferred to the Al-Hawl camp. Every visit to the camp is a matter of life or death, both for the team and for the girls that may be rescued from unbearable conditions.

Day by day, as new women are being brought back to the Yazidi Home Center, the stories they tell are gruesome and ungraspable. The film includes the viewer in dramatic and dangerous situations that are rarely seen in documentaries, including a car chase where they are shot at. With this, Sabaya is not only an important story to tell, but also incredibly compelling to follow. Hirori was awarded the prestigious award for best director of foreign documentaries during this year's Sundance Film Festival. Told with great respect, Sabaya is an eye-opening documentary film that will leave its mark on you.


Hogir Hirori (b. 1980) is a Swedish-Kurdish director and editor. Sabaya is the third feature documentary Hirori has made that addresses the heartbreaking fate of the Kurdish Yazidi people, who have been persecuted for years. The first volume of the trilogy, made in 2014, was entitled Victims of IS


2017 The Deminer
2016 Flickan som räddade mitt liv (Documentary)
2014 Victims of IS (Documentary)
2008 Hewa starkast i Sverige (Short)

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