Film Talks: Guro Bruusgaard - HIM

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Tromsø International Film Festival and online film magazine Montages host Film Talks.

"Film Talks" consists of mini masterclasses with Karsten Meinich, editor of, in conversation with filmmakers and other guests of the festival. This is a unique opportunity to get more from the films you watch, and to get acquainted with the directors that take part in TIFF.

Director Guro Bruusgaard will talk about her film HIM, in which we meet two men and a boy in this social commentary about gender roles and social expectations on men. HIM has its world premiere at TIFF 2021. 

The Film Talks are streamed online. The conversation with Guro Bruusgaard will be in Norwegian.

Tromsø International Film Festival

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Thursday 21. january

Kl 11:00
Off Screen Digital


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