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Survivor Abduweli flees a Chinese Uyghur internment camp to Norway. Now, heading to Germany to confront a past torturer, his daughter’s panic attack forces a choice: exposing Uyghur genocide for the world or shielding his family from painful memories.

After enduring torture at an internment camp for Uyghurs in China, Abduweli and his family seek refuge in Bergen, Norway. This documentary follows Abduweli’s journey to Germany, where he intends to confront a former internment camp prison guard. However, just before his departure, his daughter experiences a panic attack. Now faced with a profound dilemma, Abduweli must decide whether it is best for his family to continue his mission of shedding light on the Uyghur genocide or to leave the past behind to avoid bringing up traumatic memories for himself and his family.

After the screening, there will be a talk with director Håvard Bustnes and Abduweli.

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Saturday 20. january

Kl 14:45
Fokus 2 (Bonordsalen)


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