FFN - Shorts 2

In Shorts 2, we present short fictions and documentaries in competition, which in some way or another are about growing up.

Now, I also, am here
Norway 2022
Directed by Camilla Figenschou

You know it's going to be about war
Ukraine, Norway 2022
Directed by Olha Tsybulska

Just a tomato
Italy 2023
Directed by Laurens Pérol

Not Ready
Sweden 2022
Directed by Polly Blag

Sweden 2022
Directed by André Vaara

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Wednesday 18. january

Kl 16:45
Fokus 2 (Bonordsalen)

Thursday 19. january

Kl 11:45
Fokus 4

Saturday 21. january

Kl 11:00
Fokus 4


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