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An Argentine drug kingpin needs a hideout and where better to get away than the countryside outside São Paulo in Brazil? This means new and unexpected challenges for the poor family that takes in this very special guest.

Placing a criminal in a completely new environment is an excellent premise for this black comedy, where a family has to take in a drug lord on the run while maintaining their daily routines so as not to attract unwanted attention. The agreement gives the family great financial benefits, but it is extra difficult to hide the profits that follow from new prosperity in a small community with nosey neighbors. The guest is not too happy with the facilities either. True, he's on the run, but he's used to getting his way and to living a little more comfortably. Now he must deal with the hard-working and strongminded mother of the house.

Cinematically, both the gray everyday life, strained family relationships and true social realism are emphasized, but this absurd story is also a clever analysis of class, violence and corruption. Not to mention the family's moral compass. What do you do, for example, with a useless grandfather who just takes up space and who costs a little too much to keep alive?


Carolina Markowicz is a screenwriter, producer and director based in São Paulo, Brazil. Charcoal is her first feature film, and black humor is a recurring feature in much of what she has worked on. Several of her short films have won awards at major film festivals around the world. In addition, she is involved in TV series and commercials.


2019 Spit (short)
2018 O Órfão (short)
2017 Long Distance Relationship (short)
2014 Edifício Tatuapé Mahal (short)
2007 69 - Luz Square

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