Jeanne D'Arc of the North

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The history of Liv Grannes from Mosjøen, who was Norway's highest decorated woman after World War II, is finally revealed.

Liv Grannes from Mosjøen became Norway's highest decorated woman after World War II. But her achievements, and Stalin and Churchill's false flag operation in Helgeland, disapeared in the darkness of history. Liv kept her moral compass through near-impossible choices during a war filled with sacrifice, betrayal, fraud and tragedy. She was called Jeanne D`Arc of the North by the British, whereas in Norway her history was never revealed - until now.


Fredrik Horn Akselsen (b. 1982) is a filmmaker from Vestby, Norway. He has directed seven documentaries, including international award winners like The Exorcist in the 21st Century and Blackhearts, plus historical and current affairs documentaries.

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