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Funny Pages is an American comedy reminiscent of indie films from the 1990s and early 2000s, but also something you’ve never seen before. A young cartoonist is chasing his dream, but the disillusionment can be both very weird and messy.

This fascinating descent into the world of comic book artists and nerds comes with a funny, but unpleasant smell. We meet people who barely have seen daylight – and maybe they never should – and get to witness the making of grotesque drawings.

Robert is dropping out of school to become a comic artist, after an inspirational speech by his dubious art teacher. He leaves town, heading for Trenton, New Jersey, and moves in with two older men in what is not really an apartment – just a creepy basement. Funny Pages is told episodically, while we follow Robert through a series of unpredictable encounters and situations. Director Owen Kline knows the nerdy world he depicts very well and makes us feel both sympathy and disgust for his peculiar underdogs.


Owen Kline (b. 1991) is an American filmmaker, actor and cartoonist. He has acted in The Squid and The Whale (Noah Baumbach, 2005), among other films. He studied illustration and film at Pratt Institute in New York. Funny Pages is his feature debut as a director.


2016 Steve Dalachinsky (short)
2014 Jazzy for Joe (short)
2013 Fowl Play (short)

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