Closing Party

It is with great pleasure that we invite the audience, festival guests and all party lovers to celebrate the 34th edition of TIFF!

On Saturday, January 20th, TIFF will host a night of dancing, lounging, and fun activities at Studenthuset Driv. The party will feature live performances by our festival band, nonne, as well as other cool bands.

nonne is a psychedelic rock duo from Tromsø consisting of Gustav Eidsvik and Erlend Skotnes. In 2022 they released their debut EP "Frem og tilbake" to critical acclaim, and have toured consistently since then. With their use of drum machines and synthesizers, as well as loud guitars, they will shower us with repetitive riffs and danceable rhythms. In 2023 the band released their hypnotic and hard-hitting debut album, "Omf!"

Meet Ransel: the enigmatic artist whose work seamlessly weaves through the realms of mist underground, pulsating with heartbeats of percussion and roaming bass. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy of naked mountains and dark clubs, his creations echo the rhythms. His live sets are a delightful dish for the dancefloor in every stroke and sound. Ransel invites you to join a journey, where the essence of dancing transcends the physical and becomes a celebration of life's diverse influences. See you on the floor!

Cleaning Women (FI) from the planet Clinus are three men in women's clothes, an instrument park made up of cleaning tools and an avant-garde post-punk sound. During their 20 years of existence, the group has played over 600 concerts in over 20 countries on 3 continents, released 4 albums, and composed and performed umpteen live soundtracks for silent films. You may have seen them at TIFF and STUFF!

Unge Funksjonell is one of Tromsø's, the region's, and the country's most exciting artists. He released his debut album "DOGMA" in November. Operating within an indefinable musical universe, he draws inspiration from his upbringing in the hip-hop scene, and is influenced by other musical acts, including his father, the vocalist in the legendary new wave band Vinterhagen.

Hildá & Tuomas (SÁ/FI) are a duo crafting their unique sonic landscape by merging Hildá Länsmans' airy, buzzing vocal tones with Tuomas' dense electronics and samples. This offers a distinct and exciting experience of how technology can serve as a tool to create captivating artistic expressions. Immerse yourself on the dance floor with music that blends the ancient vocal tradition of joik with modern electronica.

Gostoso is once again setting the stage for exceptionally good vibes and a free flow of love on the dance floor! Expect deep, pulsating electronic music.

Mie Bergh will serve us electronica and percussion – playing all instruments herself! She studied drums at the Music Conservatory in Tromsø and is the first master's student to use the laptop as her main instrument. Additionally, she is known as the vocalist in the band A Million Pineapples.

Funky Halvor started as a DJ in Oslo in 2000 at Cafe Sør. It began with funk, soul, afrobeat and boogaloo. Since then, he has delved further into the genres and expanded with disco, hip-hop, reggae, Brazilian rhythms, jazz, trip-hop and many other mixed drops. The search for new and exciting rhythms never ends. There is something about the musical cultural encounter that occurred on the American continent that continues to inspire and fascinate. Halvor has lived in Tromsø since 2007 and spun discs at Cafe Circa, Verdensteatret, Perez and Storgata Camping.

Funky Halvor will be playing at Mikrobryggeriet the whole evening! 

Charlotte Bendiks: The idea to pair DJ and artist Charlotte Bendiks with Urban Gad's 1910 silent film The Abyss, a film that is better known for actor Asta Nielsen's strong performance than Gad's directing, was conceived by STUFF a few years ago. The plan was to match Bendiks' commitment to dance culture and what she calls body music, with Nilesen's portrayal of the ill-fated Magda Vang and her notorious performance of the Gaucho dance. In this meeting between one of Nordic cinema history's most infamous dance performances and Bendiks' electronic music, dancing bodies become both a theme and a matter of fact. Nielsen's performance of the Gaucho dance, once considered so explicit that it was censored in several countries is here accompanied by the track “Steikesexual” from Bendiks' latest EP, released on Manchester-based label OPTIMO in 2023. Steikesexual is a hybrid word composed of a Northern-Norwegian slang word that is used to emphasise admiration or idolisation, and the English word for being sexual. The track therefore carries with it this hybridity which on the one hand emphasise sexual power and bodily agency, and on the other highlights otherness and being an outsider. When Nielsen now twists, pulls and jerks in the Gaucho dance, she does so to a track that evokes the same questions and problems that Nielsen herself was confronted with over a century ago. It was perhaps this connection between Bendiks' body music and Nielsen's provocative dance that initiated the pairing of the two. Additionally, Bendiks' deep rhythms and psychedelic electronic elements expose the political, social, and historical layers at work in bodily movements. As the film's alternative title The Woman Always Pays indicates, the connection between power and gender is always represented in dancing bodies. In this live performance, connections between the past, the present and the not yet, are evoked both through the thematic pairing of the historical and contemporary politicized dancing body and also through Bendiks' regeneration of old field recordings: her little archive of digitally rendered real-life experiences. Charlotte Bendiks brings deposited tracks and recordings back to life while Asta Nielsen's bodily performance returns from the past. Enmeshed in eerie soundscapes and eerie temporalities, when Nielsen and Bendiks meet on the stage, the past is made present and the future is questioned.

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Saturday 20. january

Kl 22:00
All Driv venues
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