So Damn Easy Going

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Joanna is desperately seeking ways to collect her ADHD medication. Her brain is working ovetime, but she also has to deal with her depressed father. Then, she unexpectedly falls in love.

This story touches upon topics of LGBTQ love, poverty, and living with a diagnosis - without stigmatising any of it. Joanna, a smart and verbal 18-year-old, struggles not only with ADHD, but also with a depressed father and a constant shortage of money. She has to seek creative solutions to collect her medication, which puts her in many awkward situations. In the mids of these problems she falls head over heals in love.

The larger theme of the film is accepting who you are, even with your faults and shortcomings, may it be ADHD or something else. Joanna has to realize that things need to change in order to get better. Not only for herself but also to the people close her. The film balances drama and comedy, with music, sound design and visual effects to convey Joanna's innermost feelings. This is the kind of film that sticks with you. 


Christoffer Sandler (b. 1986) is a Sweedish scriptwriter and director. He has written several Tv-series for the younger audiences. So Damn Easy Going is Sandler's debut feature, and the film is based on a novel by the Swedish author Jenny Jägerfeld.


2018 Sjukt oklar (TV- series)
2020 Fullt hus (TV-series)
2020 Ambassadøren (TV-series)
2021 Sune - Mission Midsummer (TV-series)


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Thursday 19. january

Kl 16:30
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