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It’s been half a year since Trond Giske resigned as deputy leader of the Labour Party, due to accusations of sexual harassment. Now he is driving through Trøndelag with a caravan to build himself up again.

20 years ago, filmmaker Håvard Bustnes first started thinking about making a film about Trond Giske, one of Norway's most promising young politicians, but the latter never responded to the inquiry. Trond Giske continued his climb on the political career ladder. Everyone talked about his success and great political talent, but then rumors began to circulate about inappropriate "women's stories". Violent media pressure, warnings, video leaks and allegations of power struggles led to Giske resigning as deputy leader of the AP. How to explain that new stories kept popping up? And how could these stories still be ignored and the warnings not taken seriously? After the media published the first accusations of sexual harassment against Trond Giske in 2017, Bustnes took contact with Giske again - and this time got a positive answer. In Name of the Game, Bustnes joins Giske as he starts his political comeback, traveling around Trøndelag with a red-painted caravan to meet supporters. The film gives a unique insight into Norway's most talked about #metoo case. It is a film about how power blinds, and how easy it is for those in power to maintain consensus through concealment and silence.


Håvard Bustnes (b. 1973) is a Norwegian documentary filmmaker. His films have been shown on NRK, TV2, SVT and TV networks in a number of countries. The film Big John won the Norwegian Amanda Award for Best Documentary in 2008, and his films have been shown at festivals around the world.


2021 Name of the Game
2017 Golden Dawn Girls
2013 Two Raging Grannies
2010 The Health Factory
2008 Big John
2007 Riktig mental innstilling

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