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In Khoury’s captivating feature film debut, we meet a group of Palestinian high-school friends in Israel who are imposed “forced forgetting”. As Israel’s independence day draws nearer, they must weigh the risks involved in remembering their own story.

Seventeen-year-old Tamer (Bakri) and his friends are part of the newest generation of Palestinian children from families that were displaced in 1948. They are constantly confronted with their status as refugees within Israel, from the Israeli flag fluttering at them every day from above their school to the upcoming Israeli Independence Day (the same day as the Palestinian day of commemoration for their displacement). One day Maysaa’ (Khass) joins Tamer’s class. She is beautiful, determined, and not afraid to protest the injustice that is imposed on them. As Tamer uses her political engagement as a way to get closer to her, he has to decide whether there are things greater than him that are worth fighting for.

Firas Khoury’s first feature film is a captivating coming-of-age tale centered around these Palestinian teenagers' experience of growing up within Israeli borders. It has strong acting performances and beautiful cinematography, and has already won several prizes worldwide.


Firas Khoury is a Palestinian screenwriter and director with a bachelor’s degree in cinema. He has several award-winning short films to his name and is also committed to disseminating Palestinian films and training young people. Alam is his first feature-length film.


2019 Maradona’s legs (short)
2017 And an Image Was Born (short)
2010 Yellow Mums (short)
2007 Seven Days in Deir Bulus (short)

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