Film as a Resistance

Award-winning Palestinian filmmaker Mohamed Jabaly invites you to embark on a captivating journey that unveils the extraordinary role of cinema as an impactful form of resistance. In a panel discussion, he elaborates on how politics, society, and culture are meticulously documented, portrayed, and intervened by filmmaking.

Palestinian filmmaker Mohamed Jabaly will navigate the dynamic landscape of Palestinian cinema, revolutionary cinema delving into its narrative that encapsulates the resilience of the Palestinian people, capturing their struggles under occupation. Beyond these borders, we'll explore how Palestinian cinema has shaped global perceptions of the Palestinian struggle, transcending geographical confines and resonating with diverse audiences worldwide.

In a panel discussion with Mohanad Yaqubi from Palestinian Film institute, Jabaly and his guest will explore the challenges faced by Palestinian filmmakers — from navigating funding limitations to contending with censorship and enduring political and institutional pressures. How have Palestinian filmmakers managed to overcome these obstacles, nurturing the Palestinian film industry toward sustainable growth, and empowering voices that deserve to be heard?

This event will shed light on how cinema, in its most profound form, serves as a vital instrument of resistance and storytelling, forging connections that transcend borders and leave a mark on hearts and minds across the globe.

This event is hosted by The Tromsø-Gaza Twin-city Cooperation in cooperation with Palestine Film Institute, Tvibit and TIFF.

Thursday, January 18th at 18:00
Place: Tvibit
Free admission.

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Thursday 18. january

Kl 18:00
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