I Am Not Your Negro

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I Am Not Your Negro covers the history from the 1950s racial segregation up to today’s Black Lives Matters movement. Based on James Baldwin's unfinished book script, the documentary gives a sharp and condensed report on racism in USA.

The lives and murders of three friends, Medgar Evans, Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr., were the basis for James Baldwin’s book "Remember this house", which the author and civil rights activist left unfinished when he died. Director Raoul Peck has reworked the material into a film essay, using Baldwin’s original words and a wealth of archival material.

The racist murder of George Floyd in the spring 2020 triggered an outflow of rage, as well as demonstrations that gave new momentum to the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter and demands for change. Peck’s documentary gives an historical backdrop to the civil rights movement and the struggle against race segregation in the USA, but it is also a vividly relevant film with its documentation of police violence and racism.

The Oscar nominated I Am Not Your Negro uncovers the violence against the Afro-American population in the USA, while also giving a powerful and thoughtful observation of the struggle against racism and oppression.


Raoul Peck (b. 1953) is a director, screenwriter and producer born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and raised in the Congo, USA, France and Germany. He has made several feature films as well as documentary films. He was also briefly the Minister of Culture in Haiti.


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