107 Mothers

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In a correction facility in Ukraine, Lesya serves a 7-year sentence along with her newborn child. Through her personal story and other inmates' testimonies, 107 Mothers weaves a dramatic narrative of loss and hope inside jail.  

Lesya is an Ukrainian woman who is sentenced to 7 years in an Odessa prison facility after committing a crime of passion. Inside the jail, she gives birth to her first child, who is allowed to stay with her until he turns 3 years old. Raising her child behind bars, Lesya is a caring and loving mother, and continuously worries about his future. As she tries to prevent him from being sent to an orphanage, she serves her sentence among 107 women - inmates, mothers, nurses and guards. The warden Iryna is the main witness of their daily routine, and spends her spare time reading the inmates' private letters and quietly reflecting on her own desire for a child.

Shot in a entirely female-dominated environment, 107 Mothers blends fiction and documentary with a strong visual aesthetic: light blue walls and uniforms, and almost identical babies in a row are some of the repeating patterns throughout the film.


Peter Kerekes (b. 1973) is a filmmaker from Slovakia. He is well known for the films Velvet Terrorists (2013), Cooking History (2009) and 66 Seasons (2003), which was shown in over a hundred festivals over the world. 107 Mothers is the Slovakia’s Oscar entry for 2022. 


2013 Zamatoví teroristi / Velvet Terrorists (Documentary)
2009 Cooking History  (Documentary)
2003 66 sezón / 66 Seasons (Documentary)

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