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A gang of masked women walk through the streets of Brazil at night to punish other women in the name of religion. They do their best to preserve beauty and purity in their area, until a collective outburst appears imminent.  

Mariana is a young evangelical Christian who sings in the church choir and works in a beauty clinic. In their dystopic cult sessions, Mariana and her girlfriends are taught to value physical appearance, good manners and chastity among women. At night, they walk in big groups searching for women labeled as "impure, filled with sin", who deserve to be violently beaten up in the name of God. They replicate the toxic masculinity ingrained in their community by policing and controlling each others bodies.

But after suffering an accident that leaves a scar on her face, Mariana loses her job and becomes a nurse at a hospital with patients in coma - a place where her hidden desires will emerge. Evoking Caravaggio's paintings and the myth of Medusa, the film merges the horror genre with a humorous and stylish colorful musical, criticizing forms of religious extremism in today's Brazilian society. Expect triggering scenes of violence blended in with light-hearted pop aesthetics


Anita Rocha da Silveira (b. 1985) is a Brazilian director born in Rio de Janeiro. Her feature debut Kill Me Please (2015) premiered at the Venice Film Festival and won various awards. Medusa (2021) was chosen as part of Cannes Director's Fortnight selection. She has also directed several short movies, such The Noon Vampire (2008) and The Living Dead (2012).


2015 Mate-me Por Favor / Kill Me Please
2012 Os Mortos-Vivos / The Living Dead (short)
2010 Handebol / Handball (short)
2008 O vampiro do meio-dia / The Noon Vampire (short)


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